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Central States Carbons offers activated carbons from coconut shells in various grades, mesh size classifications and in different packaging sizes. We offer granulated activated carbon,  pelletized activated carbon, powdered activated carbon, impregnated activated carbon and catalytic activated carbon.

Typical applications for activated carbons are:

  • Removal of taste and odor causing compounds such as MIB and geosmin in drinking water.

  • Removal of volatile organic compounds such as Benzene, TCE, and PCE.

  • Recovery of gold in the gold mining process.

  • Removal of Hydrogen Sulfide (HS) in waste gases.

  • Impregnated activated carbon used as a bacteria inhibitor in drinking water filters

  • Removal of chlorine and chloramines from water.


We make every effort to include useful ASTM test methods such as butane activity, surface area, density, and water content (moisture) on our material to aid you in finding the most suitable material for your application.

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