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CSC Pelletized Activated Carbon


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CSC offers 4mm Pelletized Activated Carbon that is produced from coconut shells as well as from coal.  CSC's coconut-shell based activated carbon is produced using a steam activated process under strict quality control parameters that results in an end product that is consistent in quality and final specifications.

Coal-based activated carbon offered by CSC leans more toward a higher percentage of mesopores and macropores in its structure.

These products can be used to capture compounds across a wide concentration range.

Particle Diameter (mm):       4                                             Apparent Density (g/cc):      0.420
Iodine Number (mg/g):        1,300 min                                 Ash Content (% wt):           16
Hardness (%):                     98 min                                     pH:  9 - 11
Moisture (% - as packed):    11max                                     


This product is ideal for use in the capture of low boiling point/highly volatile compounds in vapor phase applications. Depending on the type selected for use, it able to capture small to large-sized compounds with the distribution of its micropore, mesopore and macropore structure. It is effective in gas purification applications such as emission control and removal of odor causing compounds.

55 lb bags
1,100 lb super sacks

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