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CSC 4x8 A60

Coconut-shell Granular Activated Carbon

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CSC 4x8 A60 Granular Activated Carbon is produced from coconut shells by a high temperature steam activated process under strict quality control parameters that results in an end product that is consistent in quality and final specifications. This product has a higher mechanical hardness making it more tolerant of handling over time.

Iodine Number (mg/g):         1050 min                       US Standard Mesh size:                        

Hardness (%):                      98                                    Greater than 4 -              5% max 

Moisture  (% - as packed):     5 max                               Less than 8 -                  5 % max 
Apparent Density (g/cc):        0.480                            Ash Content (% wt):           3 max


This product is ideal for use in a variety of liquid and vapor applications. As a product made from coconut shells, its higher percentage of micropores compared to other base material GAC lends this product to be more efficient at removing small organics and disinfection byproducts in general.


55 lb bags

1,100 lb super sacks

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